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Espar Heaters


Advance Diesel Service carries a full line of Espar products. We have heater systems and parts on hand for Marine Applications, Industrial, and Trucks. 


We also stock and have on hand parts such as blower motors, fans, and tubing along with other specialty parts. We now have the capability to scan your unit and determine what esactly is wrong with most components in the unit. So, even if your not sure what is wrong with your heater, bring it in and we can figure it out for you!  


So, whether you have a truck or boat we have what you need to keep you warm.







Airtronic is essentially what it sounds like... Forced hot AIR. These heaters and heater systems are used in many applications especially in the many environments Alaska offers. A very common application for this type of heater is in the marine industry for heating boat cabins. Advance Diesel Service stocks many differnt install packages for the marine market, which include D2, D4, And D5 heaters. 




Airtronic Heater Specs
D2 D4 D5
Fuel Consumption (l/h) 0.28-0.10 diesel 0.51-0.13 diesel 0.66-0.15 diesel
Electrical Consumption(amp) 2.8-0.67 3.3-0.60 7.1-1.25
Air Throughput (cfm) 48-30 85-19 137-81
Heat Output (BTU/hr) 2,900-7,500 3,400-13,650 4,100-18,800